The offer for the first year is €1,740 excluding VAT and combines :

an annual subscription that provides continuous access to Vigidental services for all the institution’s residents. The subscription is €69 vat excl. per month, i.e. €828 vat excl. per year.
40 Odontoscopes + 2 Denturoscopes to optimize intraoral and dentures photography, the basis for oral assessments of new admissions, oral hygiene follow-up care and emergency cases. 40 X €20 vat excl. and 2 X €56 vat excl. i.e. €912 vat excl.
Remote consultations are invoiced and certified by the dentists, at the patient’s expense, and may be reimbursed by insurance companies and complementary insurances.
In subsequent years, apart from the annual subscription (€828 excl. VAT), it is up to the institution to adjust the quantity of Odontoscopes to be ordered according to its estimated needs. The price of an Odontoscope is set at €20 excluding VAT, and is distributed in boxes of 10.