In Belgium, we have found insurance companies such as Mutualité Libre, that reimburses the use of medical apps up to €20/year. This reimbursement is valid for apps prescribed by a doctor or approved by mHealthBelgium (a platform initiated by INAMI, FAMHP, Agoria, eHealth and beMedTech, which lists all CE-marked apps for medical devices).

When a resident-patient is registered on the Vigidental app, they are invoiced €20 by the institution, and will therefore be able to benefit from assessment and monitoring of their oral hygiene (they will be provided with an individual Odontoscope and a Denture Box if required). As the Vigidental application is eligible for reimbursement by certain insurance companies, the patient may be reimbursed for the use of an approved medical application, upon presentation of the €20 invoice. Ask your insurance company for details. See example.

Then, for a remote assessment or consultation with a dentist, the fee will be set by the attending dentist. Currently, the telephone consultation can be confirmed at €20, reimbursed by insurance companies (code 389012).