Three approaches co-exist and complement each other to describe the usage purposes of the Vigidental application:

New admissions: Use of the Vigidental application is part of a logical and coherent approach to carrying out an oral and dentures examination of a patient about to be admitted to an institution, regardless of their age and degree of dependence.

Complaint follow-up: As soon as a complaint is reported, Vigidental collects and transmits all relevant information concerning the symptom or problem reported by the resident or observed by staff. Follow-up and its frequency will be recommended by dental professionals.

Prevention: Lastly, as part of a preventive approach, Vigidental is designed to help professionals caregivers  – users of the solution – to monitor and motivate their patient’s/resident’s good oral hygiene, by providing them with an easy-to-read analysis of the patient’s oral and dentures hygiene indices, and, if necessary, with specific recommendations, according to the advice of dental professionals.